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about bliss photoart

'bliss photoart' is the answer to  your search for an exclusive photography studio for capturing your 'memories as art'. The super-cute dreamy photographs of your baby need not be a dream any longer. We are skilled and fully equipped to make your dream come true. We specialise in newborn photography, baby photography and kid's portraits. You can also get in touch with us for our speciality shoots like pregnancy photo shoot and your kids' birthday photo shoot. The desire for artistically appealing portraits of you and your family can also be fulfilled through our family portrait sessions and senior portrait sessions. 

'bliss photoart' is a long-time hobby turned into profession, fully driven by passion for photography and love for art. Our style is simple and classy, the photographer's skill is evident in each frame. To deliver the world-class quality photographs, we use the best in class equipment and the most professional photograph editing methods. Our lifestyle photography studio is setup at Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala. 

We are sure, our photographs will find a place in your heart before they find a place in an album or on a wall.

what we offer

We add value to your memories by capturing them as art. Our photography sessions start from newborn baby portfolio and will cover your baby's 1st year of life. We also photograph your children through their journey of life - as newborns, infants, toddlers, kids to seniors. The family portraits that we offer will be a part of your family possession forever. Our speciality shoots like maternity portraits and birthday photo shoots will make your event memorable for a life time. 

A newborn baby’s arrival into this world is one of the most precious moments in one’s life. Preparations start well in advance to greet the treasured gift - lovely dresses, toys, cradle and lot more. All in all, the entire family is excited to welcome the baby’s arrival. Why not capture those moments of wait!

Finally, that moment comes and you have a cute bundle of joy in your hand. Yeah, priceless moments of life!  Imagine how wonderful it would be to feeze these priceless moments of your baby and each stages of their growth. These images will be cherished forever and are one of the biggest gifts that you can give yourself, your child, and the generations to come.

​Your baby goes through lots of changes during the 1st year of life.  At the blink of an eye, your bundle of joy transforms from a cute little bundle into an active, inquisitive toddler. The 1st year of your baby's life is undoubtedly the cutest period of their lifetime. ​Baby photography sessions are a wonderful way to capture your child’s initial days of blooming. From quirky smiles and giggles to the excitement of thump sucking, crawling, sitting and walking!  Cherish these moments; life has no rewind button!!!. The milestone of your baby's first year will never be repeated; however, they can always be remembered through photographs. Book your session now and cherish the happiness and joy for years to come.

​​​Photography packages that we offer:

Newborn Photography

(7days to 30days)

Infant Photography

(31days to 60days)

Baby-Headup sessions

(6months to sitting)

Baby - Sitter sessions

(sitting to 2years)

Kid's Photography

(5years to 12years)

Birthday Special

Family Portraits

Maternity Portraits

newborn portfolio

Newborn Photography (age: 7 days to 30 days)

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Newborn photography sessions start a week from when babies are born, the stage where the baby is sleeping most of the time. At around 7 to 21 days, babies curl into many angelic poses. Our safe baby posing skills clubbed with classy themes and setups will give your baby’s cute poses a magical charm.

​​​7 days to 21 days: is the ideal time for a new born photo shoot. The baby is very flexible and will pose for the most angelic photos with ease. The intense sleep is an added advantage.


21 days to 30 days: Your baby has started to form their favourite sleeping positions. Their sleep intensity is also reducing. Babies might now not cooperate for all newborn poses. This period is also good to capture some great photographs. The shoot will take more time as we need to wait for the baby to go into deep sleep. So please reserve a full day for the shoot.


Please feel free to speak to us well in advance to know more about the different styles possible during each period. Best time for a discussion is during your pregnancy period so that you can plan your photo shoot and get the perfect memories.


If you are already late give a buzz now on 8606 567 567

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Infant Photography    (age: 31 days to 60 days)

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Its already late for a newborn photo shoot. Considering the activities of the baby, there are many limitations in settling the baby to pose for the photos. However, we totally understand your desire to preserve fond memories for your little one. We do sessions for babies from 46 days to 60 days too. The package is very basic and covers possible styles for babies of this age based on their activities


Please feel free to discuss on 8606 567 567

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infant photography

Baby Headup session (age:6months to sitting)

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6months to Sitting age: According to our experience, considering the activities of baby, this is the trickiest age, 2 to 6 months is the least preferred phase for a photoshoot during baby’s 1st year. The baby has crossed the time for the sleeping poses and yet to start doing a proper head-up pose. The only activities the baby can do is lie on his/her back and give expressions. There are a few other constraints too in this phase (which might reduce once baby crosses 5.5 months) Once baby crosses 6 months, their participation improves. Please note activities differs from babies to babies. So please discuss with us for a better understanding.


In short understanding babies activity and planning the session is very important. please call  8606 567 567 to discuss with us and take an informed decision.

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baby portfolio

Baby Sitter session (age:Sitting age to 2years)

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After 7 months of age baby activities change and so does the approach of the photoshoot.


7 to 10 months: Yes, your little one has started to show their personality. Some would even prefer to sit up by themselves. There are some amazing themes that can be done during this stage. 


11 to 15 months: On the move! Crawling, rolling, standing, walking - the possibilities for wonderful baby portraits are abundant.


16 to 24 months: Babies are generally very active during this period and prefer to explore surroundings. Its hard to get the baby to pose in a theme/set and play during this time. You will also start missing the basket shots as babies will be slightly big for those setups. Considering the activity level, it would be hard but still we can get good photos during this period.


After an year with each passing day, the innocence of expressions change which ends up in babies giving artificial expressions / conscious body language etc. Hence if possible, plan your session between 7 to 15 months for the best results. Earlier the better.


At bliss photoart we follow a setup/themes based approach for baby photo shoots.  The baby photo shoot packages can be chosen according to your preference.


During the session we take as many photos as possible and the best ones with the right expressions will be edited and delivered as the final product.


Babies at this age cannot be made to look or pose a certain way for the photograph; hence, knowing the baby and interacting with them is very important. We are skilled to handle your baby with patience. Our collection of props adds to the richness and simplicity of the theme/set that we create. 

We have got 3 series of products for this age category, a mixture of all will help you get a vibrant portfolio for your baby.

Dreams Alive Series: This is our most vibrant series. It is all about character-based themes and stories. We came up with these themes based on kid’s common stories, characters and fantasies. The setups are relatively more complex than the other series, involving more props and range of colours. This will be a fun way to document your baby's childhood as they grow up.

Desire Series: Some prefer to have the photos very simple, with minimum props and more attention to the baby. The Desire series would help you meet this preference. 

Delight Series: These are simple setups but with more props and colours than the Desire series. The stories are simpler than the Dreams Alive series. These are for our clients who prefer simplicity with some vibrance.


Book your session now at our studio in Kochi and cherish the happiness and joy for the years to come 

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Toddler photography
birthday special

Birthday special 

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Preserve your baby's birthday memories!!

“...the joy in life doesn’t usually come in long stretches for hours at a time, month after month, year after year...but in moments.” – unknown

​​Your child’s birthday celebration is definitely an important occasion. Yes, along with custom made birthday cake, new dress and happiness all around, let us do a birthday themed photo shoot and capture some cute memories. 

Our ‘Birthday Cake Smash’ photo session is a fun filled one, both for the baby and the parents. Just watch your baby have fun with the it, smash it, sit on it, throw it – it’s your baby’s choice is always such good fun!!! Cake covered little fingers and toes, those messy cute faces...Oh, it is such a joy to capture!. We will ensure that you have some wonderful memories and images to share with your child as they grow up.

​​​Plan the shoot well in advance so that you can use the pictures for the birthday invitation cards, emails etc. If you have any colour in mind, please discuss with us in advance so that we can set things accordingly for you.

​​​You can either bring your own cake for smashing or can order through us. If you would prefer an egg-less cake, please do notify us so that we can order based on your preference.

​​​Come prepared to get messy!

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kids portraits

Kid's Photography   (age: 5years to 12years)

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How fast they grow… They are still the apple of your eye and so are they for us.


Portraiture has no age limits. Every age has its own charm and as artists we get to our best in capturing it in the photographs. However, to ensure the participation of kids we have to approach the session by considering the kid’s activities.


2 to 5 years: Considering the activities of kids, this is not an ideal time for a studio session. Out door sessions would be better for this age. Unfortunately, we do not offer outdoor sessions and so we do not offer our services for kids of this age group. 


5 to 8 years: At this age, kids have their strong opinion about stuff related to them. They have their favourite dresses, favourite superheroes/characters. Feel free to bring along their favourite stuff for the shoot. Discuss with us in advance so that we can try to work on something creative that matches.  


9 to 12 years: Your kid is entering his/her teen soon. Most of them would be conscious in front of the camera. Not to worry, we know how to get the best out of your kid’s natural expressions. At this phase, it’s not a bad idea to approach the kid's photo shoot with a classic portrait style.


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family portraits

Family& Senior Portraits

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Family photography sessions are a wonderful way to preserve and pass along your family legacy. These photos would be a treasure for future generations as much as its special for you. In this era where everyone is a photographer, the idea of approaching a professional service makes sense where we understand the depth of a classic portrait session. The attire, the poses and the lighting set-up followed by professional photo editing techniques create the magic. These photos can definitely be added to your family possession and will enhance the decor of your living room on a canvas print. 


A family portrait session is done on spreads or seamless backdrops in a fine art style. Its very different from lifestyle shoots hence the age of the youngest member has to be 6 years or above.




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maternity portraits

Maternity Portraits

“Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell – Louisa May Alcott”

Maternity photo shoot is a great opportunity to preserve the memories of your journey towards  parenthood and welcoming the happy days to follow. Our professionally captured photographs will surely be an add-on to your baby's portfolio. 

​​​This is an ideal session for the soon to be mom and dad to spend some quality time as well as preserve your memories. For parents expecting a sibling for your child, it’s a good idea to bring the child along for the photo shoot. The photo shoot is normally done in the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy.  We as a creative maternity photographer will help you capture those special maternity moments forever. The custom made gowns that we provide will give an added appeal to the photos.




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Media Attention

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Media Attention

Awards & Recognitions


The 2021 Global Choice Awards

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Rise International photography awards 2021

Thanvi 32days Renjitha Jaylal1_certifica
Evangelin Mariya
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Awards & Recognition


bliss photoart' is based in Kalamassery, Kochi. Our lifestyle studio is constructed and designed to make your photoshoot experience a comfortable and pleasant one. Along with the shooting space we have a small lounge, changing room, feeding room, attached rest room and parking facility. We always ensure that the studio is kept hygienic and props dust free.

​Our collection of props is unique and tasteful. These handpicked props are imported, custom made and collected over a long period of time. We have a good collection of baby posing baskets, furs, wraps, wooden planks, spreads and curios to get the perfect shot. 

You are requested to book your shoot in advance so that we can be ready based on the requirements. Booking can be done any day of the week, we are open every day (based on appointments.)

“Moments become memories sooner than we think” - Book your shoot now


Contact Us

bliss photoart, 

PNRA 145, 

Near Cochin University, 

Changampuzha Nagar PO.

Kalamassery, Kochi, 

Pin : 682033


Ph: 8606 567 567

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