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This theme is offered for the below age :


Newborn:   5days to 30 days

Infant:       31days to 60 days


For babies above 30 days depending on baby’s length & weight certain dresses may have fitting issues. The same theme can be done with a different dress that fits baby. Older babies may also not cooperate for certain poses, in such case we will have to do poses which they are comfortable with. For guidance please discuss.  


Normally babies above 30 days participate well in this style as the posing positions are mostly on their back and side. We recommend this style for older babies


Everything for the theme is offered by us , including props and costume.

Dresses, swaddles and props are UV sterilised before and after every session.


These shoots can be done at bliss photoart's lifestyle studio at Kalamassery or at the convenience of you home, 200km radius from Kalamassery.

Newborn / Infant (Style 3 - Classic Setup)

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